“Why is Mohbad father lying that that mohbad did not pay her wife’s bride price” – Wedding video of late Mohbad with 24-year-old wife, Wunmi, surfaces online(watch)

Written by fazazy39

Photographs and a video from the wedding ceremony of the late musician Mohbad, also known as Ilerioluwa Aloba, and his 24-year-old wife, Wunmi, have emerged.

In one of the most notable pictures, Wunmi is seen cradling Mohbad while he affectionately serenades her.

A brief video from the occasion captures the couple in close proximity, sharing intimate moments.

Sadly, the 27-year-old singer Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023.

His untimely demise has brought attention to videos that allegedly expose harassment and intimidation by his former record label, garnering significant public interest.

Here are some reactions from viewers:

  • bodybyteewhy: “Mohbad paid her bride price. She’s 100% Mo’s wife, with or without a party.”
  • brezzy_a: “Receipts don’t lie. The man was ready to deny his own grandson (flesh and blood) over property… unbelievable.”
  • beliciousbybee: “And the father said they really didn’t have a wedding, that he didn’t marry her. This whole property issue when marrying down is indeed a problem, lots of lessons.”
  • mz_harcourt: “The dad said Moh called him on that day to say they wanted to get engaged, so he called someone to join him, thinking it was a small family gathering. But on arriving, he realized it was a big event because the girl had invited many people. So why are you all saying the dad is lying?”
  • mz__seunfunmi: “As long as the bride price was paid, they are definitely married, and traditional marriage is recognized in Nigeria; they don’t necessarily have to go to court.”
  • fab_pweetyliz: “Mohbad wanted a low profile for his wife and son, which is why he kept most things about them private.”


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