Actress Mo Bimpe reveals that she faces daily trolling since her marriage to Lateef Adedimeji – (video)

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Renowned Nollywood actress Adebimpe Oyebade, widely recognized as Mo Bimpe, has openly shared that she regularly encounters online trolling ever since her marriage to fellow actor Lateef Adedimeji.

During an interview with her actress friend, Debbie Shokoya, Mo Bimpe revealed that she faces daily criticism from individuals who express negative opinions about her relationship. Since their marriage in December 2021, Mo Bimpe and Lateef have become one of the more talked-about couples in the movie industry.

Numerous speculations arose suggesting that the celebrity couple tied the knot due to Mo Bimpe’s pregnancy. Some individuals even went as far as critiquing her physical appearance and acting abilities.

In the years following their marriage, there has been ongoing speculation from those keenly observing when she might welcome a child.

There were widespread speculations that the celebrity couple married due to rumors of Mo Bimpe being pregnant. Criticisms extended to her physical appearance and acting abilities.

Several years into their marriage, there continued to be onlookers eagerly anticipating news of when she might have a child.

Mo Bimpe recently disclosed in an interview that she faces persistent online trolling, with people even sending her direct messages inquiring about when she plans to have a child.

In her own words, she shared, “Since I married my husband, it’s been a continuous stream of trolls… There was a girl who came to my page and asked, ‘When are you going to get pregnant?’ I was taken aback by such a comment.”

Mo Bimpe mentioned that she has developed the ability to disregard these trolls, although she confessed that it can be challenging at times. She emphasized the importance of reminding herself that these trolls are individuals who are unhappy and trying to undermine her self-esteem.

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