“Iyabo Ojo you are a lair that keeps coaching this black widow; Can you allow Wumi to marry your son Festus? – Kemi Olunlyo ask Iyabo Ojo for supporting Mohbad’s wife

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Controversial investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has called out actress Iyabo Ojo for her apparent support of Wumi, the widowed wife of the late singer, Mohbad, amidst a storm of allegations surrounding the singer’s tragic demise.

Previously, Omawunmi, with the involvement of actress Iyabo Ojo, broke her silence regarding the numerous accusations surrounding her. She disclosed her decision to remain silent until November 7th to focus on seeking justice for her husband and to avoid distractions. Wumi also expressed her intention to undergo a DNA test for her son, Liam.

In response to this, Kemi Olunloyo, known for her outspoken nature and penchant for controversy, criticized Iyabo Ojo’s involvement in the unfolding drama. Olunloyo questioned whether Iyabo Ojo would permit her son, Festus, to marry someone like Omawunmi. She suggested that Omawunmi had allegedly drugged her husband’s food with benzodiazepines to make him drowsy and then allegedly engaged in extramarital affairs with other individuals in the Marlian house.

Taking to her official Facebook page, Kemi Olunloyo accused Iyabo Ojo of acting as the public relations officer for Omawunmi, referring to her as a “black widow” and a “murderer.” Olunloyo accused Iyabo Ojo of attempting to “suppress the truth” and questioned the credibility of anyone who believed Omawunmi’s allegations.

Furthermore, Kemi Olunloyo criticized Iyabo Ojo’s career, describing her as a “failed actress” turned TikTok skit maker, fake reality show participant, activist, and now a public relations officer for Omawunmi. She questioned Iyabo Ojo’s motives and emphasized that the truth cannot be silenced.

Kemi Olunloyo’s statement can be summarized as follows:

Kemi Olunloyo strongly criticized Iyabo Ojo for her alleged support of Omawunmi and labeled her a “pathetic liar” who is coaching the widow on what to say publicly. She questioned the authenticity of a message allegedly sent by Omawunmi to Iyabo Ojo and accused Iyabo Ojo of attempting to silence her. Kemi Olunloyo emphasized that she is an investigative journalist and won’t engage in a back-and-forth exchange with Iyabo Ojo.

Kemi Olunloyo also expressed her disapproval of Iyabo Ojo’s career evolution from an actress to a TikTok skit maker, a participant in a fake reality show, a divorced housewife, an activist, and now a public relations officer. She believed that Iyabo Ojo was trying to cleanse Omawunmi’s image. Kemi Olunloyo asserted that anyone believing Omawunmi’s allegations is misguided, and she warned Iyabo Ojo that no matter how she shields Omawunmi from the truth, consequences would follow.

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Naijalegit previously reported that the passing of the late Nigerian singer Mohbad has sparked a debate regarding the rights to his music assets, particularly concerning his wife’s claims to his intellectual property. Mohbad’s father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, revealed that his late son and his wife, Wunmi, were not legally married.

Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has weighed in on the issue, suggesting that Mohbad’s wife may not have legal grounds to claim his music assets due to the absence of a legal marriage. She emphasized that their relationship was characterized by a traditional introduction that Wunmi later changed to an “engagement” during the event. Olunloyo referred to her as a “Black Widow” and argued against her claim to his music royalties.

Furthermore, Kemi Olunloyo revealed that Mr. Aloba, Mohbad’s father, confirmed in interviews that the CCTV was working but had been deliberately disconnected, corroborating her earlier information. She also mentioned that Mohbad’s property papers were with a police officer who is Wunmi’s mother, which created a conflict of interest and led to a confrontation at the graveyard.

Joseph Aloba, Mohbad’s father, expressed the necessity of a paternity test to determine his grandson’s true lineage and criticized Wunmi’s family, accusing them of being motivated by Mohbad’s wealth. He revealed instances of Wunmi putting sleeping pills in Mohbad’s food to cheat on him with another man in the Marlian Records house. Joseph Aloba asserted that Wunmi and Mohbad were never legally married, questioning her reluctance to undergo a DNA test if she had nothing to hide.

In his words, “Mohbad was born on Jan 3, 1997, and not June 8, 1996. He was 26 years when he died. Wunmi has a very terrible family. They were only after what they could get from him. They emptied everything my son had. Mohbad knew that it was only the carpentry job I had which I used to raise him up. When he became successful, he diverted all his money and property to his wife’s family. You will know it wasn’t natural. Then anytime she wanted to have s*x with another man in the Marlian house, she would put sleeping pills in Mohbad’s indomie.

One day, the girlfriend of the guy she was sleeping with discovered their affair. She was the one that informed Mohbad about what was going on. Mohbad caught them and told me everything. After I took him out of The Marlian house and they started dating again, I knew he had been jazzed. It was her unfaithfulness to my son that made me dislike her, but Mohbad insisted that she was the one he wanted to marry. When he died, the police collected his phone from Wunmi for investigation. Wunmi and my son were not legally married. They only did traditional marriage. I don’t know why she is scared of doing DNA if she doesn’t have a skeleton in her cupboard. The DNA is a MUST. I want it done.”

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