“The juju has started having side €ffects” – Kayamata seller Jaruma allegedly suffering from s+x demanding disease

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Hauwa Muhammed, widely known as Jaruma, a popular Kayamata (aphrodisiac) seller, is currently a trending topic online as reports claim that she has been admitted to a rehab hospital in Karu, Abuja.

It’s alleged that Jaruma, a renowned entrepreneur from Gombe State, is battling a condition related to excessive sexual desires due to substance abuse.

These revelations surfaced on October 29, 2023, as shared by Instagram blogger Tosin Silverdam on his verified page.

Kayamata is a widely used herbal remedy, particularly among the Hausa people, known for its potential to captivate a romantic partner.

This trend has grown to encompass Nigerian women from various ethnic backgrounds, including Igbo, Yoruba, and others. As advertised, Kayamata is believed to possess the ability to enchant a partner, making them exclusively devoted to the user. It is said to empower a person to obtain anything they request from their partner.

Tosin Silverdam, who shared this information online, implores Nigerians to offer their prayers for Jaruma, who is reportedly undergoing rehab in Karu, Abuja, due to substance abuse. According to him, one of the psychiatric nurses attending to her has claimed that she frequently requests sexual activity.

He writes, “Please, let’s continue to keep Jaruma in our prayers. She’s allegedly in rehab in Karu, Abuja for substance abuse.

One of the psychiatric nurses taking care of her claims she’s also always demanding for sex. It is well… Let’s just pray for her.”

See his post below;

As anticipated, the post shared by blogger Tosin Silverdam regarding Jaruma has sparked various reactions online. Some individuals believe that her current condition may be a consequence of the side effects of long-term Kayamata usage, while others expressed reluctance to pray for her.

Certain netizens criticized Tosin for disclosing this information online, arguing that it should have remained confidential, and the psychiatric nurse who disclosed the information should face consequences.

Here are some of the reactions:

  • “Everybody just Dey laugh 😂, na Wetin overdo dey cause be that! Nobody go take you serious 😂.” – tom_mie09
  • “I saw in a movie that there is always repercussions for selling kayamata. I hope the movie producer is not right.” – iamlayo
  • “The psychiatric Nurse shouldn’t v disclose such information cos that’s breech of confidentiality and it’s against ethical conduct of Nurses.” – 41.659365
  • “Future wifey come around 🔜 hope you don’t do drugs? 😍❤️.” – cooandre
  • “Always demanding for se..x took me out 😂😂😂.” – an_na_bella11
  • “We are busy praying for Mohbad and Nigeria we no fit out this one too, our head don full.” – carphy_flinks
  • “What kind of nurse is that giving out such a confidential information. Her license supposed to be withdrawn.” – debbiebarbieskincare
  • “You need to go learn ethics, skills of reporting sensitive information in the school of journalism! For this your insensitive caption, your page should be brought down! Nah everything dem dy use to chase clout ni? The nurse messed up, we agreed but your caption should have read ‘from a reliable source.’ Haba! You suppose chop cane for this Tosin!” – folasadeoreke
  • “She’s mad. Let her customers pray for her 😏😏.” – eduhandsome

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