“I Know This May Be My Last Words But He Will Be Happy That I Said The Truth Out”– Mohbad Friends Finally Reveal The Person Behinde Mohbad Deæth (Watch Him Speaks)

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A new revelation has come to light as Mohbad’s close friend and bodyguard disclosed that he knew the individuals responsible for Mohbad’s passing.

According to popular Instagram blogger Temilola Sobola, Mohbad’s close friend, Diarra, stated that Prime Boy was not the one who took his life.

He further revealed that he would be disclosing the identity of the actual perpetrator soon.

Diarra, a close friend of Mohbad, made the following statement:

Even though Prime Boy had issues with Mohbad while he was alive, I can confidently tell you that he was not the one responsible for his passing. I will soon reveal the identity of the person behind Mohbad’s death so that you all can let me have peace.”

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Here are some reactions from social media users:

  • Olumoyeogunboluwatife: “At this point, I’m begging Mr. Bella to come and speak, please, because these people are disturbing our mental health 😢.”
  • Reallysallygoldempire: “Enough of playing with our minds on social media. If you have anything to assist the investigation, go to the police station and provide your assistance.”
  • Sugarcoatedde: “If Diarra had shown up, Mohbad would still be alive today because he wouldn’t have allowed the fight… That’s why I criticized him on his page. What kind of bodyguard is he? 😢😢😢😢😢 If you see Bella, you’ll see Bigi 😢😢.”
  • Iamvery_vee: “So what is he waiting for? Why are Mohbad’s friends acting like this? They know many things and they choose to remain silent 😢😢😢.”
  • Shopwithkaydee: “Each day brings new and strange facts… I hope all investigations are concluded promptly so that this boy can receive the dignified burial he truly deserves and can finally rest in peace.”

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