“Please Learn To Appreciate Our Work”–Actress Toyin Abraham Says As She Shared Video Of Her New Movie With Colleagues

Written by fazazy39

Actress Toyin Abraham has shared a video on her Instagram page featuring a film made by one of her colleagues, which received criticism from fans due to its poor video quality. In the video, Toyin Abraham discussed the early stages of the Hollywood film industry and expressed her belief that the Yoruba film industry would also progress as it receives more funding, resulting in improved productions.

Additionally, Toyin showed support and encouragement for her colleague, Omowunmi Ajiboye, who recently shot her first cinema movie after a three-year hiatus, which faced criticism from fans for its perceived low quality.

Toyin Abraham expressed her thoughts in her post:

The Hollywood you see today didn’t develop overnight. As the industry receives more funding, our productions will improve. Nigerian artists are now shooting music videos with budgets exceeding hundreds of millions, unlike the days of Plantashun Boyz or Remedies. The movie ‘Arodan’ by Wunmi Ajiboye @omowunmiajiboye was filmed over 3 years ago, and I felt the need to support her in her first cinema project. Just as we all face challenges in our early stages, she did too, but they improvised. Wunmi @omowunmiajiboye, the journey is always like this, but you will look back at your first streaming and cinema production and thank God for the growth. Do not be discouraged.”

See video below;

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