“You Don Later Jam Agbaako”– Fans Says As Nollywood Actor Ayoola Olaiya Received Beæting Of His Life (Watch)

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Nollywood actor Ayoola Olaiya has posted another humorous video on his Instagram, this time featuring Jamiu Azeez. In the video, Ayoola Olaiya’s character faces a comical situation where he receives a beating as part of a comedy series, in which he went to teach someone else’s wife about something unexpected.

Ayoola Olaiya, in his role, attempted to educate Jamiu Azeez’s wife about an unusual topic, similar to what he often does in his new movie. However, this led to a situation where the woman set him up, involving her husband Jamiu Azeez, and they teamed up to teach him a lesson.

In the video, Ayoola Olaiya’s mouth is visibly plastered, a clear indication of the kind of beating his character received in the scene.

This video is a humorous excerpt from the Alakowe movie, which is both entertaining and offers valuable lessons. It’s a must-watch for everyone, particularly for those who enjoy Ayoola Olaiya’s performances in movies.

You can find this funny video on YorubaPremium’s YouTube channel.

Watch The funny video below;

Here are some reactions from fans:

  • Hay_zed_01: “You’ve encountered ‘agbako’ 😂💔”
  • Afolakesumbo: “Haa, your ‘iwe kiko’ has gotten you into trouble, Alakowe 😂😂😂😂.”
  • Ariyeoaminat: “Ha, Alakowe is in trouble 😂. Pele.”
  • Babaawonhood: “Alakowe chose the wrong person 😢.”

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