“Though They Neglected Me, But God Did Not Leave Me”– Nollywood Actor Lekan Olatunji Says Has Over 20Million Naira Raised For Him So Far (Details)

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Lekan Olatunji, who was previously reported to be receiving assistance from Gistlover on Instagram, is now said to be in long-lasting joy as he is receiving a total sum of over 20 million Naira in donations.

The faceless blogger shared this heartwarming news on their Instagram page, revealing that they originally planned to assist two widows. They already had over 6.2 million Naira in funds for one of the widows, and Mr. Lekan Olatunji met the criteria for the other widow.

They decided to add 3.1 million Naira to the 14 million Naira already in his account to round it up to 20 million Naira.

This is undoubtedly a true blessing from God in his life, especially as he was neglected by his colleagues in the industry. Gistlover shared the heartwarming news, mentioning that they have raised 14 million Naira so far.

Just yesterday, their giveaway sponsor, who initially wanted to gift two widows 6.2 million Naira, reached out to add Mr. Lekan Olatunji to the list of beneficiaries. This means he will be receiving an additional 3.1 million Naira alongside the 14 million Naira raised, making it a total of 17.1 million Naira.

Gistlover encouraged everyone to help him round it up to 20 million Naira to ensure he’s well-supported. They also mentioned their commitment to clarity and declared the amount for transparency’s sake.

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