“Despite Portable Chasing Me Out And Collecting His Car, I Still Love And Respect Him So Much”– Young Duu Say As He Grant First Interview (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Young Duu, the promising upcoming singer, recently participated in an online interview where he expressed his lasting appreciation for his former boss at Zehnation.

As a former signee of Portable, Young Duu highlighted that despite any challenges he faced, he remains immensely grateful to Portable for pulling him out of a difficult situation.

He emphasized his unwavering loyalty to Portable, considering him his helper from the day they met and expressing his ongoing respect and love for him.

Young Duu expressed his unwavering pride in Zehnation, acknowledging that he owes a significant part of his career to the group.

His comments drew praise from fans who commended him for displaying love and respect for his former boss, Portable, and all the members of Zehnation.

Young Duu’s interview drew mixed reactions on social media. While some praised him for his loyalty and wise words, others couldn’t help but notice his potential for success in his career.

Here are some social media comments:

  • Maasoroju: Na everybody dey do interview these days. Make I go buy mic too 😂
  • Aje.entertainment: I love this. I wish to press money for this boy as I see this speech. He his loyal 👏👏👏👏.
  • Elubokla: He loyal for real go check his profile e never change Zeh nation wey dey there.
  • _hadey: Let’s not hide under cruise and face what matters, low key this boy get sense oloun, loyalty can never be traded, not even for love!
  • Mr_kayy: This guy is going far fr!!💯❤️ With this little of his educational background, 200% he will get to the top🙏♥️.

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