“I am always ready and will see it to the end” Iyabo Ojo reacts to gang up and lawsuit against her over her support for late singer, Mohbad

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has addressed rumors of a coordinated effort against her, including the possibility of a lawsuit. She shared a screenshot of a conversation where an informant disclosed a plot to tarnish her reputation.

The chat revealed that a group of Facebook bloggers intended to attack her online due to her support for justice in the Mohbad case.

The informant advised her to ignore it, stating, “They thought we’re part of them, but ignore and keep it. This is confidential. Best wishes.”

Iyabo Ojo had also mentioned that numerous individuals were threatening to file lawsuits against her for her demand for justice for the singer. In response to them, she made it clear that she wasn’t backing down and would continue to pursue his case to the end. She added that no matter what distractions come her way, she won’t give in.

She stated, “Lol… Okay, if the last slide is true, that’s something I’m accustomed to… But please note!!! Regardless of the distractions, I repeat, NO AMOUNT OF DISTRACTIONS will make me back down… If you like, undress, drink gutter water, go mad in the streets, or blog about me… your headache, not mine. Monetization is allowed using my name.”

In the quest for justice for Mohbad, we are committed to seeing it through to the end. If you are confident about your stance, feel free to visit the SCIID or Panti to file your complaints. I’ve heard rumors that some of you might want to sue me or perhaps make some suya… Your threats won’t deter us in the end. May the police arrest everyone, and may your schemes not prevail. Amen.”

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