How I finally fell in love with my lover, Paul O – Iyabo Ojo

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actress Iyabo Ojo recently shared the story of her love life journey and how she found her partner, Paulo Okoye, in a candid conversation with Toke Makinwa. She delved into their heartwarming love story, narrating the moments that brought them together and the strong connection they’ve developed.

Initially, Iyabo admitted she had reservations about the relationship, primarily due to Paulo’s associations in the entertainment industry. She expressed concerns about her personal life constantly being in the public eye if she were to fall in love with someone from showbiz.

However, after seeking input from her colleagues and confirming his marital status, she agreed to date Paulo. In her own words, she stated, “Everything I said I would never do, he has changed the narrative. No one had ever slid into my DM, and I had no intention of paying any attention. I didn’t even know him.” She then explained how she scrutinized his online presence, including his verified page and videos, which assured her that he was not one of the fraudulent individuals she had encountered.

“I noticed that he was acquainted with many of these musicians, and I was adamant about not wanting anyone from the entertainment industry in my life. The thought of my personal story being constantly in the public eye was quite unsettling.

My initial reaction was a firm ‘no-no-no.’ However, I decided to engage in a friendly conversation, thinking I could simply keep him in a corner as a friend. I was straightforward with him, explaining that I was already in a relationship and not interested in dating him. I raised my concern, ‘Because you are a married man,’ to which he replied, ‘I am not married.’ I continued to inquire about him, seeking information from everyone I knew who might have knowledge about him.”

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