“Fill The Space For Young Duu”—Portable signs new artiste, Monke to record label, Zeh Nation

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian singer Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile, popularly known as Portable, has officially welcomed a new artist, Monke, into his record label, Zeh Nation.

In a video that has generated considerable attention online, Portable introduced himself and proudly referred to Monke as his protege. After the brief introduction, he graciously gave the spotlight to his newly signed artist, Monke, who showcased his talent to the world with a freestyle performance. Monke, a composed and talented young artist, exhibited his lyrical prowess in his native Yoruba language.

After the video found its way onto the internet, concerned Nigerians flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts. Here are some of the reactions:

@BakareSeyi6: “Someone who hasn’t learned the ropes and just started a company, what do you expect? It’s not about signing artists left and right.”

@dino7888: “Hmm, have you all not noticed that Portable is gradually elevating talents from the streets? He gives them the platform and encourages them to work on it. If you’re smart enough, you can definitely make it. Youngi duu is a fine example.”

@Swissuarez: “Is that Portable’s lady beside him? I might need to find a beautiful Chima.”

@Danyzea: “At this rate, if Portable encounters my father on the street, he might just sign him.”

@Babzjosh: “He could just randomly pick someone from his bartender and put them on the spot.”

@dino7888: “This might be Portable’s pattern – lifting talents from the streets, making them famous, and then letting them stand on their own. If you’re halfway smart, you can succeed that way. At least, Youngi duu is doing well now.”

@KennyNuga: “Portable signs artists who share the same traits and qualities with him.”

@Davidspredict: “There’s this boy he signed who sings like Boy Spice, but I’m sure Portable will make him excel.”

View the video here:

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