“You failed as a musician and a blogger” Bobrisky filthy drags Samklef over beef with Davido

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian crossdresser, Idris Okuneye, popularly known as Bobrisky, has entered the feud involving Davido and Samklef.

In recent days, Samklef has been publicly criticizing Davido for blocking him on social media after he accused him of leaking photos of his wife, Chioma, and their twins.

Bobrisky, taking to his Instagram page, made fun of Samklef for his unsuccessful career in both blogging and music. He called him names and suggested that Samklef is just upset because Davido blocked him. Bobrisky warned Samklef to refrain from attempting to bring down Davido.

Bobrisky also suggested that Samklef would have been taken more seriously if he had addressed Davido’s alleged debts before being blocked.

“Samklef, your failed career should not be blamed on Davido! You couldn’t make it as a musician, and your attempt at blogging also flopped. As if that weren’t enough, you are now seeking clout using Davido’s name. David is not responsible for your failures in life. You claimed he owed people money, right? So why are you attacking him after he blocked you? You should have called him out for owing people before he blocked your sorry self.

David should not even respond to you because that could send you to an early grave. You’re just upset that he blocked you. Leave him alone, you’re a has-been. Not everyone can succeed in blogging!! Just because Tunde is doing well doesn’t mean you will, you clown. Look at your round head like a rotten garden egg. Mtchewwwwww, if I bring back the old Bob, you’ll deactivate your Instagram page, nonsense.”

Bobrisky also mentioned that Samklef often asked for discounts but never paid for services. He criticized Samklef for his past unsuccessful endeavors, including conducting interviews on his page. Bobrisky warned Samklef to stop attacking Davido and advised him to take a break from such behavior.

“You wonder why I stopped responding to your DMs? Because you are broke, always asking me for discounts, yet you never pay. You enjoy free services. Wait, at some point in your life, you were interviewing people on your page, and you still failed at that. Only you? You need help. I’m still your guy, though!! But stop coming after David. Rest, bro.”

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