“Don’t come to Sango without a new car, mansion” – Portable knocks Ex Signee Young Duu for leaving his label, Zeh Nation

Written by fazazy39

In response to his former label’s departure, Young Duu, Portable’s ex-partner, received a warning from Portable not to return to Sango, his hometown, without a new car and a spacious home.

Portable recently ended Young Duu’s contract with Zeh Nation, citing his close association with enemies and an incident where Young Duu allegedly attempted to scam him with a false arrest story.

Young Duu explained that he left Zeh Nation to pursue success and not to betray Portable. He highlighted the difficulties he faced before and urged people to remember his struggles.

In a new video, Portable issued a warning to Young Duu not to return to Sango without a new car and a big house.

People who watched the video shared their thoughts in the comments.

Check out some of the reactions below:

  • @iconicsteve01: “I’ve been eagerly anticipating this moment, and he never fails to impress.”
  • @uncastedplayboy: “I’ve told my friends that Portable will still make a comeback.”
  • @easyboyagain: “Portable probably didn’t expect Young Duu to succeed after he let him go.”
  • @ashanka94: “What’s bothering him? He’s already moved on, crazy.”
  • @emperor_797: “Let him leave the boy alone; the guy is pursuing his dreams, and he might succeed without him.”
  • @MachalaWiz1: “He’s bitter. I bet that young lad will have a car this year, maybe not a mansion.”
  • @officialmrwrigh: “I’ll keep an eye on that boy. We all know what Portable did, not the type to be proud of.”
  • @BanitexL: “His words don’t make sense! What about him sacking the boy?

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