“She Is Truly Stunning”– Old Video of Actress Iyabo Ojo Getting Married at 21 Emerges Online, Netizen Gush Over Resemblance With Her Kids

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Iyabo Ojo expressed her heartfelt appreciation to her parents, her children, and her fans for their unwavering love and support throughout her career. The popular actress had tied the knot with her partner at the young age of 21.

The video has garnered intriguing comments from netizens, with many noting the striking resemblance between Iyabo Ojo and her two children.

Renowned Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo, has become a topic of discussion among netizens due to the resurgence of an old video showcasing her wedding, sparking conversations and interest on the internet.

Iyabo Ojo has previously shared her narrative of marrying at a young age, despite her family’s wealth, and how her former husband exposed her to poverty for the first time.

The video captures the actress’s wedding day at the age of 21, and it can be found on the Instagram page @nollywoodcitadel. In the video, a young Iyabo Ojo is seen in white attire, while her partner is dressed in a suit, signing their marriage papers in a court setting.

In one segment of the clip, Iyabo Ojo wears a big smile on her face during her wedding, and her partner holds her hand as they prepare to cut their wedding cake.

See the video below,

The old video of a young Iyabo Ojo as a bride has sparked reactions from numerous netizens. Many were curious about the whereabouts of her ex-husband, while others couldn’t help but notice the striking resemblance her two children share with her. Here are some of the comments:

shyzon1: “Is this the husband who made her experience poverty?”

Why_not_shaycee.: “All I see is Priscilla and

Festus.” __moeyin: “So, this is the man who introduced her to poverty.” Typicalaramide: “Festus really looks like his dad, omo.”

oyelekeabimbola1990: “Wait, is the man dead or alive?”

praisezil: “I’ve always known she was supposed to be dark-skinned.”

Tiaraoluwa286: “At least he gave her the precious gift that she will forever appreciate.”

Ngwdeing_mbong: “She is a beautiful woman.”

rosita_rose2661: “Wow, God is great.”

thebadmus: “Omo, the resemblance.”

gladys.hassan: “It’s the husband that stayed in her face like that.”

demdessybeautyempire: “Jesus Christ, the man looks so much like Festus, and IY looks like Priscilia. Too much resemblance.”

olagold_clothings.collections: “Wow, those children don’t need DNA; this one is a confirmation that they don’t need to tell us.”
Chi_m_buchi: “Her smile still remains unbeatable.”

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