Mohbad’s Dad Called Me To Help Him Confirm About His Late Son Property From His Wife Wunmi And Her Mother (Details)

Written by fazazy39

Actress Iyabo has shared an update about the late singer Mohbad’s father, who reached out to her to inquire about his son’s properties. According to her, she contacted Wunmi and inquired if Mohbad had any assets. Wunmi informed her that the only property he had was the land where they buried him, and it was registered in his name.

Iyabo also revealed that the house they currently reside in is a rented apartment, and they only moved into the house in April of this year.

Temilola Sobola shared an update from Iyabo Ojo regarding the situation with Mohbad’s father.

According to Iyabo Ojo, Mohbad’s dad contacted her to express gratitude for the efforts made in giving his son a proper burial. However, he had concerns about his son’s money and property, specifically questioning why Mohbad bought properties in someone else’s name.

Iyabo Ojo reached out to Wunmi, who explained that there were disputes between her and her father. She mentioned that they used to be close, but problems arose after Liam came into the picture. Wunmi confirmed that the only property causing issues was one registered in Liam’s name, and she clarified that the house they currently live in is a rented one.

Regarding allegations of money transfers, Wunmi’s sister assured that they could provide bank statements to prove that Wunmi never transferred money from Mohbad’s phone to her mother’s account. Iyabo Ojo suggested settling the matter amicably within the family.

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