“If I start to deæl with you guys make nobody beg me” Davido issues stern warning to all his accusers

Written by fazazy39

Renowned singer Davido has recently been at the center of several accusations. In a recent cryptic tweet, he wrote, “make nobody beg me,” leaving many people speculating about its meaning. Some observers couldn’t help but link this tweet to the ongoing allegations against him, suggesting it might be directed at those accusing him of owing money. He also posted, “You want to be famous, ba?” implying that those trolling him may be seeking attention.

The accusations against Davido began when a man named AbuSalam made a shocking revelation, claiming that Davido owed him a substantial sum of 212 million Naira, and his efforts to recover the money had been unsuccessful. The situation had escalated to the point of a physical altercation involving Davido’s associates and Abu Salam’s team, all in a desperate bid to retrieve the money.

AbuSalam’s plea regarding the money he claims to be owed resonated with many onlookers. He pointed out that people often view Davido as a celebrity, elevating him to an almost god-like status that seems to exempt him from financial accountability. AbuSalam went to the extent of issuing a stern warning, stating that “if his money is not given to him, blood will flow.”

Adding to the growing chorus of voices, Blessing CEO stepped forward with a claim that Davido owed him 4.5 million Naira for a car he had purchased for Davido’s aide, Israel. Blessing CEO urged Davido to meet his financial obligation, emphasizing that the payment for the vehicle was still outstanding. However, the individual who had originally sold the car to Davido strongly refuted these allegations, vehemently denying that any financial debt remained unpaid.

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