“Hopping On The “My G” Challenge”–Femi Adebayo Says As He Join Kizz Daniel Challenge Reveal The Networth Of All His Wear In Jelli Movie (Video)

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Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo has enthusiastically embraced the Kizz Daniel ‘My G’ Challenge, using clips from his older movies like “Jelli” to participate. The actor shared a video featuring scenes from his previous movie “Jelli Tutu,” “The Survival of Jelili,” and other films centered around the character Jelili. In addition, he expressed his anticipation of taking part in the G Challenge.

He has been receiving praise for his outstanding work in the “Jelili” movie and hopes that his participation in the G Challenge will be well-received.

A multitude of his devoted fans enthusiastically disclosed that they have watched all of his movies, leaving none unwatched.

In response, Femi Adebayo expressed his participation in the “My G” challenge and assured his fans that there is definitely more to come. He shared a video showcasing his involvement in the challenge.

Watch below

Here are the social media reactions to the video:

  1. Tiernyolalere: “I have to admit, I’m a huge fan 😂😂 watched every… we really slept on you sa ❤️.”
  2. Kunle_pounds: “I really want to watch ‘Esin’ but can’t find the main one on YouTube 😣🚶.”
  3. Paramountkomedy: “I rented the Jelili disc and borrowed it from a neighbor, but NEPA refused to bring light so they could remove it from their DVD. The rental service came to report to my dad, and I received 8 strokes of Egba 😂😂.”
  4. Omowunmi87654: “I am a widow and learning work, please help me with anything to pay part of my twins’ school fees. They were sent home already 😢😢😢😢👏👏👏👏.”
  5. Grcgenesis4gold: “See this brilliant mind 🧠, see innovations 🎉! Someone with sense didn’t show off wealth but showcased his innovations, achievements, and impact. More grace @femiadebayosalami, you have indeed made a positive impact in people’s lives. Your innovations make people laugh, learn, and stay motivated. You have greatly contributed to individuals’ mental health and reduced depression with your funny movies 🍿. I’m impressed 👌🏽, more grace.”

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