“Ilorin people and POS” – Skitmaker Taaooma sends many into fits of laughter in new comedy with Quadri (Video)

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The renowned Nigerian skit maker, Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam, widely recognized as Taaooma, has once again tickled the funny bone of many with her latest comedy sketch, where she humorously portrays people from Ilorin. Taaooma is undeniably one of Nigeria’s most creative content creators, and her recent comedy video, shared on her verified Instagram profile on October 26, 2023, had viewers laughing heartily.

In the video, Taaooma is depicted sitting in her room in her usual attire when Mummy Quadri, an Ilorin mother in hijab, enters the room with her son, Quadri.

The Ilorin mother warmly greets Taaooma upon entering, explaining that they came to see Daddy, but were informed that he’s not at home. In response, Taaooma, the skitmaker, confirms her husband’s absence as she mentions that he’s currently away.

For a brief moment, Taaooma appeared puzzled by the word “Sphonsore” and, extending the conversation, responded, “Sponshore… No, it’s offshore, you meant sponsor?” However, Mummy Quadri had a change of heart and told Taaooma that her son wasn’t interested in school; instead, she wanted him to become a footballer.

Mummy Quadri embraced her Ilorin roots, emphasizing that footballers are making a significant amount of money, citing Ronaldo as an example. She claimed that Ronaldo earns N600,000 a week. Taaooma corrected her by revealing that Ronaldo earns $4 million every week.

Upon hearing this, Mummy Quadri exclaimed, “Walahi he (Quadri) has to be a footballer, and in fact, his name will be QR7.” Taaooma took the opportunity to playfully tease the Ilorin woman, pointing out that it’s not QR7 but QR code instead of saying CR7.

However, when Quadri spoke, he revealed the Ilorin boy within him, stating that he didn’t want to be a footballer; instead, he preferred to work in a place where a lot of money was stored. He said, “No, Mummy, I don’t want to be a footballer. I want to be in a place where a lot of money is kept.”

When asked to name the place, Quadri left many in a state of confusion by emphasizing that he wanted to work in a Point of Sale (POS) job instead of pursuing a career in football.

Watch the video below;

Rewrite See reactions below:

crazeclown: 😂😂 Quadri wey no fit run with that head 😩.

johnnyjamjam: We were once like this oooooo. I remembered wanting to be a Petrol Station Attendant because……I love the way they always smile and joke with my dad back then and also their uniforms. Thank God for not answering my stupid prayers then o 😂😂😂😂😂.

queensemirah: As I see the head, I know say na nonsense full there 😂😂😂.

haryor_26: A rich man’s child will think it’s “Purchase Of Stock” 😹💔.

yorubhad_boy: Immediately I see the head, I don know say na werey go full there 😂😂.

koded_ib: Our Ilorin accent too sweet 😂.

simplybashirat: This reminds me of when I was young. My mum asked me what I wanted to become in the future, and I said “Doctor.” My younger brother said he wanted to become a “Conductor” 😂😂😂😂😂😂. The way my mummy shouted, “Ori mi o ni buru” 😂.

iamannabel: I’m laughing as if I was not like these ones 😂. My dad asked my siblings and me what we aspired to be in the future, and I said ”Bread seller” 😂😂😂. I won’t forget the beating I received that day to remove the evil spirit that pushed me to say that 😂.

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