“I don’t blame him for k^lling his girlfriend, I don’t pity the girl” Verydarkman expresses

Written by fazazy39

Media personality Very Dark Man has stirred considerable controversy with his comments on the tragic death of Justina Tiffany, a University of Port Harcourt student.

Disturbing reports have emerged about a man named Collins, also known as Damien, who stands accused of committing a heinous crime by killing his girlfriend, Justina, a 300-level biochemistry student. It is alleged that he brutally dismembered her following her visit, leading to his eventual capture when estate security personnel found him in the process of disposing of her remains.

The gruesome details of this case involve the removal of Justina’s eyes and breasts, allegedly for ritualistic purposes. Her dismembered body parts were found in sacks within Collins’ apartment, situated on Road 15, MTA Road, Port Harcourt. The tragic events unfolded when Justina went missing three days after her birthday celebration on October 10, 2023.

Amid this profoundly distressing incident, Very Dark Man’s response has ignited significant controversy. In a video statement, he displayed a startling lack of empathy for Justina’s plight and seemed to provide a tacit justification for Collins’ actions.

His argument revolved around the societal pressures imposed on men, which, he argued, compel some to resort to illegal means to achieve financial success. Very Dark Man shared that individuals like himself, who aim to earn money through legitimate channels, often face relentless criticism and online harassment for not attaining wealth.

Additionally, Very Dark Man highlighted the societal expectations that often pressure women to depend on men rather than pursue their own financial independence. He suggested that Justina’s reliance on her boyfriend might have contributed to the tragic events that transpired.

Understandably, Very Dark Man’s statement has provoked a strong public backlash, with many vehemently condemning his apparent lack of empathy during such a sensitive time. However, he has chosen to stand by his controversial stance, showing no intention to retract his words.

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