“I know i faiil my son because I started relating well with Him in 2019 – Mohbad’s Mother reveal

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Mrs. Abosede Aloba, the mother of the late singer Ilerioluwa Aloba, also known as Mohbad, testified in court on Wednesday, revealing that she had a strained relationship with her son for a significant period. According to Abosede, this discord stemmed from Mohbad’s father, Joseph, separating him from her and instructing him to maintain minimal contact.

However, she acknowledged during her testimony to Magistrate Adedayo Shotobi, the Coroner, that she and her husband began to reconcile in 2019.

Her testimony was part of a coroner’s inquest regarding her son’s passing. After Mohbad’s demise on September 12th, he was laid to rest the following day.

The Lagos State Government initiated a coroner’s inquest due to the controversies surrounding his death.

These controversies led the Lagos State Government to order a coroner’s inquest into the matter.

The inquest, which commenced on October 13, is being held at the Ikorodu Magistrates’ Court in Lagos State.

Abosede and Joseph visited the home of the singer Azeez Fashola, known as Naira Marley, to inquire about the ongoing dispute between him and Mohbad.

She explained, “I asked Mohbad to contact Pasuma to inform Naira Marley about the consistent physical altercations, and Pasuma assured us he would intervene. Mohbad repeatedly advised me not to speak about it.”

She further mentioned that she only learned about Mohbad’s injury four days later and clarified that the sole source of conflict was with Naira Marley. Abosede also shared that the only complaint from Mohbad’s wife was related to infidelity.

Additionally, Mr. Sultan Ayobami, Mohbad’s DJ, testified that he had known the deceased since 2018 and began working with him in 2022.

He recounted that Mohbad had experienced bullying on two separate occasions. The first incident occurred in June at a club on Lagos Island, and the second took place during a film shoot at Elegushi, Lagos Island when Sam Larry and his associates confronted Mohbad, subjecting him to physical harm before being rescued by Zlatan, who took him to safety in his car.

Ayobami also disclosed that the situation was reported to the police. He noted that Mohbad’s brother, Aduragbemi Aloba, was present when Larry made threats against Mohbad’s life. Mohbad had sustained injuries during a confrontation with Marley, and a nurse was called to treat him. Tragically, Ayobami described finding Mohbad lifeless on the floor when he returned from getting medication. They rushed him to a hospital, where he was later confirmed dead.

In earlier testimony, Mohbad’s father, Joseph, informed the coroner’s court that his son had been living with Marley since December 2019, despite their 18 years of living together. Joseph was unaware of the specific house where his late son resided with Marley.

He revealed that his son left home when he reached the age of consent and began assisting Marley while pursuing his own music career. Joseph stated that he saw his son three days before his passing and only saw a picture of his son’s casket.

According to him, the deceased had assured him that he could handle his issues with Marley.

Joseph also mentioned that his late son’s property was in the custody of his mother-in-law and that Mohbad’s wife occasionally put sleeping pills in his food. He further claimed that Mohbad’s wife had been unfaithful to the deceased.

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