“Fipa Of The Highest” – IG influencer Egungun goes emotional after Wizkid refuses to grant his interview (Video)

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Prominent Instagram influencer, Kuye Adegoke, widely recognized as Egungun, has sparked discussions online due to his emotional response in a recent video. Egungun, famous for his catchphrase “that is crazy” during interviews, appeared saddened as he shared a video where Wizkid declined to grant him an interview.

After attending his late mother’s burial ceremony, Wizkid was seen enjoying his time at a nightclub, and his expensive cars were on display.

Influencer Egungun was at the club with Wizkid, and he made a plea to the singer for an interview. Unfortunately, Wizkid declined the request. Instead, Egungun conducted an impromptu interview with Wizkid’s luxurious cars.

Egungun subsequently shared the video on his official Instagram page on October 25, 2023, in which he was seen requesting just one minute to interview Wizkid, but the singer did not oblige.

After this unsuccessful attempt to interview Wizkid, Egungun posted the video along with an inspiring message, expressing his determination to keep believing in himself regardless of the situation.

His message read, “Keep walking, keep striving, fall down seven times, get up 8 – @_egungun I believe in myself.”

watch the video below:

Here are some reactions to Egungun’s video:

  • dimejiganiyu: “Clout chasing.. Wizkid wey allow you dey beside him for club. No be you talk sey wizkid no like camera, omo were 😂.”
  • amara_shuga: “Baba no really like camera, wizkid is probably antisocial me too, just that him get money shishi I no get.”
  • just__jossy: “Fc gather here😍😍😍😍🦅🦅🦅🦅.”
  • facehassan: “I trusted 001 can’t ignore you like dis 001 for a reason ❤️❤️❤️.”
  • fekomiceo: “Relax bro when time reach e go perform for your wedding ❤️❤️❤️.”
  • hermesiyele: “Baba look you smile yo, e know you dead… I applaud your courage for posting this man, evidence of the difficulty around your hustle. This days nah only wins peeps dey post for social medium… You a star fam✨💫.”
  • nipcardiofficial: “Seeing comments saying one day, he don turn God ano understand? Elon musk self Dey grant people interview. No be only he doesn’t like cameras but he Dey carry camera men follow body anywhere he Dey go. Omo no man is an island.”
  • People had various opinions about the situation, with some understanding that Wizkid might not be comfortable with cameras, while others believed Egungun was clout chasing.

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