“Cry me a river, otilor” – Actress Nkechi Blessing finally breaks silence following breakup rumours

Written by fazazy39

The curvaceous Nollywood actress, Nkechi Blessing, has chosen to speak out following the circulating reports about her separation from her young lover, Xxssive.

As previously reported by Intel Region, Nkechi Blessing and her beau from Warri decided to unfollow each other on Instagram, leading to a range of reactions and speculations regarding their breakup.

Nkechi had initiated a relationship with her boyfriend last year, shortly after her brief romance with David Opeyemi Falegan had ended.

Not long ago, Nkechi and her lover Xxssive celebrated their one-year anniversary since they began their relationship.

However, Nkechi Blessing has now taken to the internet to address the situation and share her thoughts.

In a concise message, she mentioned that her perspective on the matter doesn’t hold much significance. She encouraged everyone to stay in their own lanes and mind their own business.

She stated, “My side of the story doesn’t really matter. Let’s just keep moving.”

In another post, Nkechi Blessing wrote, “Cry me a river, Otilor (it’s gone).”

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