“She is suff0cating already” Iyabo Ojo sparks reactions with her outfit at Kunle Afod’s 50th birthday bash

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Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo has raised concerns among netizens with her choice of outfit. The mother of two, who has recently been in the spotlight for various reasons, attended her colleague Kunle Afod’s birthday party in an outfit that many found uncomfortable.

Iyabo chose to wear a tight blue asoebi outfit to the event, which appeared to restrict her breathing and made it difficult for her to talk. This fashion choice garnered attention and sparked concern among those who witnessed it.

In the comments section of a blog, numerous people expressed their concerns over the actress’s outfit. They noted that the tight outfit appeared to be restricting her and making it difficult for her to breathe.

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  • Kiki Divine: “Gosh, how do you breathe in all these outfits?”
  • Damm: “She’s suffocating already. She hardly talks.”
  • Kolawole Eunice Odu: “I don’t know until you people dress to showcase your boobs.”
  • Mama Juice: “O Lord have mercy on us.”
  • Alabenny Mummy: “Opor fu queen mother.”

Just a few weeks ago, Toyin Abraham also made headlines for her outfit at her rival’s movie premiere. She wore a tight-fitting corset that restricted her movement and made it challenging for her to breathe. In photos and videos, she was seen visibly struggling.

With a sense of humor, Toyin Abraham acknowledged the difficulties, jokingly quoting the popular phrase “fashion is pain” to explain her choice of outfit.

In a similar fashion, social media influencer Amarachi Amusi, known as Ashmusy, was captured in a viral clip struggling to breathe due to a tight outfit. The video showed her attempting to get into a car uncomfortably.

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