“I have grown so much that I try to stay off negativity” Wumi Toriola speaks out, after messy fight

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actress Wumi Toriola has shared her perspective on personal growth, which comes shortly after a confrontation with a troll. Taking to her Instagram, the Yoruba actress explained how she has matured to the point where she tries to steer clear of negativity. She encouraged her colleagues, fans, and followers to either grow alongside her or avoid her.

In her message, she stated, “I have grown so much that I try to stay off negativity… Grow with me or avoid me… To the real MVPs, my real lovers and fans, YOU ASKED, WE LISTENED!”

This statement was made following a recent exchange with a troll who ridiculed her for not measuring up to her colleagues. Wumi Toriola responded by mentioning her three houses, one on the Island and two on the mainland, countering the troll’s comment.

She also expressed her frustration at people like the troll, who can contribute to the pressure experienced by celebrities.

Wumi Toriola has previously discussed her roles in violent movie characters, emphasizing the distinction between her on-screen persona and her real-life self. She pointed out that people often confuse her true personality with the roles they see her portray on screen.

In terms of personal growth, the actress and divorcee revealed that she has entered a new phase of her life and remains untroubled by various matters. She expressed a state of complete relaxation, free from worry, brimming with confidence, and fully aware of her self-worth. In a self-affirming statement, she announced her readiness to take on the world.

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