Mohbad di€d because he betrayed Naira Marley – Portable slams late singer as he speaks on ex-signee Young Duu (Video)

Written by fazazy39

In a widely circulated video on social media, controversial Nigerian singer Portable referred to the late singer Mohbad as a traitor, suggesting that this betrayal had tragic consequences for Mohbad.

Portable claimed that Mohbad was a raw musical talent nurtured by Naira Marley’s Marlian Records but ultimately turned his back on the label that had catapulted his career to new heights.

According to Portable, Mohbad accused the label of not providing the love and support he expected, resulting in his sudden departure. This led to a troubling turn of events, as Mohbad allegedly aligned himself with Naira Marley’s rivals, who, as per Portable’s account, plotted his murder to implicate Naira Marley.

Portable highlighted the irony of artists like Naira Marley investing their resources and mentorship to nurture young talents, only to encounter betrayal.

He emphasized that Naira Marley’s support for Mohbad had been driven by genuine and selfless intentions, which made Mohbad’s alleged betrayal all the more painful and difficult to comprehend.

He also expressed his optimism that Naira Marley would soon be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Portable’s reaction came after he recently ended his association with his former signee, Young Duu, who is now working with Carter Efe and engaging in freestyle music. Young Duu also upgraded his phone from an iPhone 6 to a brand new iPhone 11.

In a Yoruba-to-English translation, Portable stated, “Mohbad met his unfortunate fate because he was a traitor. We support these young artists, help them achieve success, and they repay us with treachery. After all that Marlian Music did for Mohbad, he claimed they didn’t love him. He left the label and aligned himself with Naira Marley’s rivals, who then plotted his demise to implicate Naira. God will protect Naira from this situation because he only assisted MohBad with a good heart, and he betrayed him.”

Watch the video below;


iamayorichard: In a sane society, Portable should be currently answering questions in police custody. How does he know so much?

favourite_gemini_queen: I think I’ll unfollow him. I can’t bear to see people speaking ill of Mohbad after his passing.

m.a.i.n.b.o.s.s: When you have a reputation for talking excessively, you’ll inevitably end up saying nonsensical things.

3rippleadorableeventsnparties: It seems Portable is confused. From the beginning, he used to mock and insult Marlians and Sam Larry, and now he’s changing the story. Oga Ade, please stay in your lane; let us Marlians recognize ourselves, please 🙏.

lyon_alphaa: The police should consider inviting Portable. This guy talks way too much.

terrificbeautyfashionista: It seems the news about their potential release has prompted Portable to alter his account of events. This is quite distressing. Nigeria has truly played a part in this matter 😢.

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