“Even Pasuma no like Ogundiji, am still in search of justice,” Femi Adebayo cry out as many rate Gbotija and Gbogunmi higher than him

Written by fazazy39

Femi Adebayo, the lead actor and producer of the viral film “Jagun Jagun,” continues to express his deep emotional connection to the character Ogundiji, whom he portrayed in the movie. Previously, Femi Adebayo had expressed his concerns about the varying levels of recognition received by his colleagues Ibrahim Yekini (Gbogunmi) and Lateef Adedimeji (Gbotija).

While the film has garnered significant attention and praise from viewers, boasting a talented ensemble cast that includes Lateef Adedimeji (Gbotija) and Ibrahim Yekini (Gbogunmi), it appears that Femi Adebayo’s portrayal of Ogundiji has not received the same level of attention as his co-stars, despite being the central character and the producer of the film.

In a recent social media post, Femi Adebayo playfully expressed his thoughts on the matter. He wrote, “Saving kings and men isn’t an easy job – if a man performs well, we should reward him.

I personally believe that the lack of appreciation for Ogundiji is cause for concern! Ogundiji himself ‼️ The only man who can eat nine snails at once! Well, if it’s easy, you should try it. Every time, it’s Gbotija! Gbogunmi!

Do you think becoming a mighty warrior of great caliber doesn’t come with sacrifices? Ogundiji is also someone’s father, you know! He deserves justice for the undeserved reputation he’s getting! Besides, if you were in Ogundiji’s shoes, wouldn’t you have done the same things he did?”

In a recent post celebrating the remarkable success of “Jagun Jagun” on the global streaming platform Netflix, Femi Adebayo, while celebrating the achievement, once again raises his plea for justice for the character Ogundiji.

In his post, he wrote,

“RECORD BREAKING!: Just one month after the release of ‘Jagun Jagun,’ we’re back at Number 1! After holding the top spot for two weeks upon release and briefly dipping to Number 2, we’ve returned to Number 1! I’m grateful to everyone who has streamed the movie and helped spread the word about ‘Jagun Jagun.’ We are collectively making history! Subscribe to Netflix and catch all the epic action so you don’t miss out. By the way, I’m still on a quest for #JusticeforOgundiji. He deserves justice. Ogun yaa ‼️‼️‼️

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