Video of couples k!ssing passionately in church after their pastor asked them to k!ss and receive the favour of God (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Numerous responses have emerged following a viral video depicting couples engaged in passionate kisses during a church service. In the trending footage, the church pastor encouraged married members to exchange kisses as a means to seek divine favor.

In complete compliance with the pastor’s directive, the couples inside the church were observed affectionately locking lips.

The majority of married couples in the church were observed exchanging various gestures of affection, all in the pursuit of divine favor as advocated by the pastor.

Nevertheless, the viral video depicting couples passionately kissing in the church has sparked diverse reactions. While some disapprove of the act, deeming it inappropriate within a place of worship, others hold contrasting opinions.

Some individuals applaud the pastor’s choice to encourage married members, arguing that certain couples may have been lacking in romantic connection for an extended period.

Watch the video below;

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