“Waow You’re Raising Such A Gentle Man”– Fans Say As Actress Jinad Abibat Adunni Son Joshua, Video Changing The Diaper Of Her Younger Brother (Watch)

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Popular Nollywood actress Jinad Abibat Adunni has shared a heartwarming video featuring her son, Joshua, changing the diaper of her recently born baby. This viral video has captured the hearts of many Nigerians.

It’s worth noting that Joshua is the actress’s only son, and she had him 13 years before giving birth to another son this year.

The video has sparked discussions among her fans online, with many noting that at Joshua’s age, they couldn’t even handle a baby, let alone change a diaper.

In her caption, she wrote,

“In Joshua’s voice – My mommy, please let me change his diaper 🙏🙏🙏 @iamjoshjinad.”

Post below;

As expected, fans have been praising Jinad Abibat Adunni’s son, Joshua, for changing his younger brother’s diaper at such a young age. Here are some of the reactions:

Tolu_lor_pe: “Joshua is so sweet 😍😍. Glad you’re raising such a gentle young man in this generation. You deserve some accolades.”

Omoabike180: “Before nkọ, is it your baby or Joshua’s? Please, leave him for Joshua 😂😂😂😂😂.”

Lovethola514: “Awwwwn 😍😍 Joshua is such a sweet boy 😍😍.”

: “Awwwwn 😍😍 Joshua is such a sweet boy 😍😍.”

Khals_empires: “This boy did it neatly and calmly. I can’t even do it this way.”

Omobukolarayco: “God will bless you, my darling brother Joshua. May the Lord guide and protect you. Your enemies will bow before you, Insha Allah. Amen. 🙏🤍🤍💯.”

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