“If Bewaji no dey Careful this girl will have the key to Portable’s heart”- Reactions as Portable’s third baby mama, Ashabi welcomes him home in grand style (Video)

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Akinyanju Omobolarinde, popularly known as Ashabi, is a prominent Nollywood actress and happens to be the mother of singer Portable’s sixth child. Her extravagant and heartwarming gesture towards him recently made waves on the internet. After a period of overseas performances, the singer finally returned to Nigeria and paid a visit to Ashabi.

Upon his arrival, the actress had prepared a lavish welcome, adorning their space with balloons, romantic notes, roses, wines, and a variety of other gifts. As captured in a video shared on her Instagram page, the musician was taken aback by the grandeur of her gesture. He held Ashabi closely as they exchanged kisses, clearly impressed by her remarkable reception.

In her caption, Ashabi expressed that this grand gesture was her modest way of showing appreciation for his unwavering hard work and support, as well as for continuously bringing pride to their lives.

She also pointed out that referring to him as her mentor is entirely fitting because she admires his strong work ethic, which serves as an inspiration to her. Ashabi underlined their shared visions and goals, which further strengthen her admiration for him. For more details,

“It’s wonderful to see you, my love, my mentor. This is my small way of showing appreciation for your hard work and support. Thank you for consistently making us proud.

May God continue to bless your endeavors, relieve your stress, reward your efforts, and bring you genuine happiness. Referring to you as my mentor is entirely fitting because I deeply admire your tenacity, which fuels my own. I sense that we share the same vision and goals, making you a source of inspiration for me whenever I’m feeling weary or down.

You already know how much I cherish you. Change is inevitable, but I pray that it doesn’t disrupt our bond. You are my ‘wahala’ king, my ‘choco Milo’ (hard & sweet), my mix of flavors, my ‘salt’ (IYO mi), and essentially my everything. Thank you for making this relationship enjoyable for both of us. I genuinely appreciate you always, my ‘aridunu mi’ @portablebaeby.”

In the comments section, reactions were mixed. Some compared her to the American power couple Cardi B and Offset, while others criticized her for seemingly trying to outshine Bewaji, his wife. Here are some of the comments:

Sefunmi Adejugbe wrote, “Even Bewaji didn’t do all this. Please, someone help me.”

Omoyemeh Special wrote, “Cardi B and Offset didn’t do more than this.”

Olori Bayo Crafts wrote, “She’s really keeping us on our toes.”

Dat Girl Called Dia Mondi wrote, “She’s using all means to win him over.”

Temmie Licious commented, “Even though she’s the second wife, she still appreciates him. Not Mohbad’s wife until she ensures he dies.”

Ishaya wrote, “I think Portable loves this girl more. If Bewaji isn’t careful, this girl might have the key to Portable’s heart while she holds the title of ‘Olori Portable.'” Read more reactions in the full article: [Link to the source article]

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