“Pressure ti wa Ooo, I’ve lost touch with the feeling,”—Bolanle Ninalowo says as he searches for dating advice,he hints at finding love again, months after divorce

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Bolanle Ninalowo turned to his Instagram followers, seeking dating wisdom, as he confessed to feeling out of touch with the art of wooing a woman.

After his divorce from Bunmi, the Nollywood star seems poised to embark on a journey to rediscover love.

In a heartfelt message on his Instagram page, Bolanle humbly asked for advice on how to approach his newfound crush, how to muster the courage to ask her out, and more. He expressed the stirring emotions in his heart and sensed the rhythm of a new beginning.

Bolanle emphasized the preciousness of life, stating that he’s made the decision to move forward with his head held high.

“Where are my Dr. Love experts? I’ve spotted her, but how do I initiate contact? Should I send a direct message, or should I ask her out for a date? Frankly, I’m not even sure I remember what it feels like anymore, but these new and unfamiliar emotions are something!

My heart is fluttering, I sense a new beginning.

They say you only live once! I’ve made an effort, and now I’m ready to embrace it with confidence. This is the rhythm from my beloved and closest ones!!

Pressure has truly set in.

For those who’ve been there, please give me some guidance!

Which way to go

In September, Bolanle Ninalowo left many in surprise with his announcement of his separation from his wife.

In an extensive Instagram post, the movie actor disclosed that he has come to terms with the harsh truth of their relationship’s conclusion, deeming it essential for a tranquil and love-filled future.

Bolanle also expressed how he had fervently prayed, nurtured, and toiled to avoid this outcome for the sake of all involved, but now, he acknowledges and accepts it.

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