“My Mother Just Die, Allow Me Yo Live Longer Than My Mother” –Wizkid Speaks on passing the drink he was given to someone else at night club (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Wizkid, the award-winning Nigerian singer, is currently a topic of conversation on social media due to a recent video of him that has surfaced online. After the mourning period for his late mother, during which he held a lavish funeral celebration, Wizkid, known for his hit song “Essence,” was seen at a nightclub with his partner Jada P and others.

In the video that is circulating on social media, there’s a moment where Wizkid passes the drink he was given to someone else at the nightclub.

During their nightclub outing, Wizkid was spotted dancing with Jada P and staying close to his friends. As the bartender passed drinks around, Wizkid received one but promptly passed it to someone else, sharing a laugh in the process.

The video of Wizkid declining a drink at the nightclub has garnered reactions online, with some suggesting that he might have been cautious about his intake during the night out.

Watch the video below;

bhenny_jays: “Baba’s out here prioritizing self-care, folks.”

@SoyoufoundRi: “In a world where trust is a rare commodity, vigilance is key.”

@Iam_Ultra: “These individuals have been alert since time immemorial.”

@Nasirrisk: “If he lets his guard down, they might throw a surprise party for him.”

@ChiLaHotie: “Claim your seat before he even thinks of sitting, no room for excuses! 🤧”

@michaelkitan: “He’s having a great time; we eagerly await what he has in store for us.”

@timiPR: “Continuously watching out for him.”

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