VeryDarkMan’s Struggle with Speaking on Stage in Jos, Followed by an Apology Video”

Written by fazazy39

VeryDarkMan recently faced a challenging situation when asked to deliver a speech at a performance in Jos. Despite initial hesitations, he eventually attended the event, only to find himself in an unexpected predicament.

VeryDarkMan took to social media to express his frustration, highlighting how he felt deceived by the event’s host. Known for his controversial activism, the activist attended a show in Jos, where he struggled to speak confidently, leading to online criticism.

He revealed that he was persuaded to attend the event after his presence was noted in the North-Central region.

He found himself in an uncomfortable situation when unexpectedly tasked with delivering an impromptu opening address and introducing the event’s artists on stage. Unprepared for this role, VeryDarkMan, known for his online controversies, expressed his discomfort, admitting that he was more accustomed to engaging in online disputes and dragging people.

In a video shared on his Instagram page, VeryDarkMan disclosed how he felt deceived by the event’s host. He explained that he had agreed to attend the event with the understanding that it would be free, and he was promised an extended stay and complimentary clothing and shoes.

However, to his surprise, the host took credit for bringing him to Jos, boasting about the supposed effort and expenses involved. Feeling manipulated, VeryDarkMan decided to leave the event immediately, realizing the importance of being cautious about the assistance he offers to others.

The video of VeryDarkMan struggling to speak during the show has triggered various reactions from netizens in the comments section.

@abigail_ pointed out, “You’ve come out, and you can’t speak.”

@jemima remarked, “It’s so embarrassing. You’re all talk online. Look at your real-life performance.”

@khadijah encouraged those who love VeryDarkMan to gather.

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