“I’m Not Too Small To Marry”- Comedian Emmanuelle Shows Up Her First Cooking Skills As She Prepares For Marriage

Written by fazazy39

Renowned teen comedian Emmanuella recently showcased her cooking skills in an online video. The video, shared by Wahala Network on Instagram, demonstrates Emmanuella’s culinary abilities as she prepared her first pot of egusi soup.

With a beaming smile on her face, she proudly displayed the pot of soup she had cooked, signifying her preparation for marriage.

Emmanuella’s sister disclosed that the young comedian has embarked on her culinary journey by preparing her first pot of egusi soup. She promised to taste the soup and provide feedback. The video garnered positive reactions from netizens, with many praising Emmanuella for her efforts to become a good wife.

Watch the video:

Social media users had various reactions to Emmanuella’s cooking video:

  • B_o_w_a_d pointed out that Emmanuella should have a better phone considering her income.
  • Ke_lv1 humorously questioned the dish and the claim that “my baby has started cooking.”
  • Youngblaisegram noted the phone Emmanuella was using and wondered why it wasn’t an iPhone.
  • Ernest_silverchucks playfully commented on the food, questioning what it actually was.
  • Nixie_nelliana observed that many inappropriate comments were present in the section.

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