“Is like I’m back to my normal calling o, Please give this beautiful soldier a name” Actress Biola Adebayo says as She Dresses Up In Military Uniform.

Written by fazazy39

The accomplished actress and filmmaker, Biola Adebayo, has delighted her fans by sharing captivating photos of herself on a movie set.

She’s currently busy with a movie production and showcased her stunning looks while dressed in a soldier’s uniform. Despite giving birth a few months ago, the 41-year-old actress looked youthful in the snapshots.

In the caption of her photos, Biola Adebayo expressed her joy at returning to her “normal calling” and the love she has for being in the force.

She asked her followers to give this beautiful soldier a name. The post received enthusiastic responses from both celebrities and her fans, including Bukunmi Oluwasina and Aisha Lawal, who admired her looks and style.

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