Alariwo, Rukayat Lawal, Akin Boss pays courtesy visits to veteran actor Baba Lere Paimo

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Nigerian actress Akin Boss, Rukayat Lawal, Alariwo, Omo Local, and others from the Yoruba movie industry recently paid a respectful visit to the legendary Nigerian actor, Chief Lere Paimo, widely known as “Eda Onile Ola.” This visit was a heartfelt gesture to not only express their admiration for the actor but also to acknowledge his significant contributions to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Lere Paimo holds a prominent position in the Nigerian film and theatre scene, boasting a career that spans several decades. His iconic roles in both Yoruba and English-language movies have earned him respect and reverence within the country.

In a post shared by Akin Boss, the visit served as an opportunity to appreciate and pay tribute to Lere Paimo for his outstanding contributions to the Yoruba Movie Industry. She also revealed that as a testament to his remarkable career and impact, Pacesetter Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) will present the veteran actor with an award on December 10, 2023. This gesture highlights the enduring influence of Lere Paimo’s work in the entertainment industry.

In a touching tribute, Akin Boss expressed their deep appreciation and admiration for Baba EDA, Chief Lere Paimo, for his remarkable contributions to the Yoruba Movie Industry. His work has not only made a lasting impact on the Yoruba film landscape but has also touched the hearts of countless viewers.

Akin Boss took great pleasure in announcing that Pacesetter Entertainment and Recognition Awards (PERA) will be presenting an award to honor his outstanding career and the significant impact he has had. The award ceremony is scheduled for December 10th, and they are extremely excited to celebrate this esteemed actor.

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