“She was in severe pain” – Best friend of Wizkid’s mum shares what she explained to her before d€@th

Written by fazazy39

A video has emerged online featuring Wizkid’s mother’s best friend, who revealed the last words exchanged between them while she was on her sickbed.

This revelation came to light during a Thanksgiving service. In her address, the woman expressed the deep bond she shared with Wizzy’s mother and the reasons she held her in high esteem. She went on to disclose that she had a conversation with Wizkid’s mother just minutes before her passing.

She shared the poignant final words of Wizkid’s mother, recounting how she was in unbearable pain but held onto life out of fear of leaving her children behind.

The woman also mentioned that she was in Ekiti when she received the news of the singer’s mother, and this news deeply affected her, leading to days of tears.

You can watch the video below

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