Reaction As Madam Saje Sang Mohbad ‘Walking Deæth’ From The Beginning To The End, Video Goes Viral

Written by fazazy39

Veteran actress Madam Saje paid her last respects to the late singer Mohbad in a touching way. She shared a video online in which she played Mohbad’s song and danced to it on her own.

Gistlover, who shared the video on their timeline, commended the actress for her immense support during the time of fighting for justice for the late singer.

The surprising part of the video was that Madam Saje sang the entire song from beginning to end without making any mistakes. This caught the attention of many celebrities and netizens, leading to a wave of praise and admiration for the actress.

Several netizens shared their reactions to Madam Saje’s video:

  1. Biolabayo1: “I decided to join TikTok after seeing her video, then. I was like, how can mama be on TikTok and I’m refusing to join? It’s worth it.”
  2. Carphy_flinks: “I think I need to follow mummy, she’s got a lot of humor… I saw a video where she was influencing organic cream, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Glow, mummy, glow.”
  3. Bellaluxe21: “This woman is effortlessly funny. Imagine her and Odunlade [Adekola] in a combo. It’s always crazy.”
  4. Mandy_chucks: “Even though she doesn’t get the lyrics, at least she paid her last respects. May you live long, mummy.”
  5. Empressbammy: “Mummy’s intention is what matters. We love you, ma. But Gistlover cannot make heaven. Let me just laugh.”

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