“Naira Marley is a criminal in London but the youth fully accepted and praised him”- Prophet Tibetan speaks

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Prophet Marcus Tibetan, a cleric from the Celestial Church of Christ, has made allegations against Naira Marley, referring to him as a criminal in London. He also criticized the youth for their support of Naira Marley despite his questionable character.

Prophet Tibetan further asserted that Naira Marley had imported dangerous drugs into Nigeria, which have had a detrimental impact on the youth.

In his statement, he said, “Naira Marley is a criminal in London, but the Nigerian youth fully embraced and praised him upon his arrival. He shows no regard for human life. Someone should try to advise him. He has brought a substantial amount of harmful drugs into Nigeria, which have had a negative impact on the youth.”

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Earlier, we reported that a Nigerian man has urged people to refrain from blaming Naira Marley and Sam Larry for Mohbad’s death, as he believes the real culprits are the individuals who were with Mohbad after his show in Ikorodu.

He revealed that Mohbad’s wife and friends were the ones present when he returned home after the show, and they had an altercation. This led to Mohbad getting injured, and instead of seeking immediate medical help, they allowed him to bleed throughout the day. It was only the following day that a nurse arrived from Cotonou to provide medical assistance. After being injected by the nurse, Mohbad started vomiting, and then they decided to take him to the hospital. Tragically, he passed away in the car.

The man insisted that Naira Marley and Sam Larry should not be blamed for Mohbad’s death, and he warned people against making such accusations.

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