I’m still sufferriing and beggiing from rich female actress despite acting for 46 years – Yemi Solade cries out

Written by fazazy39

Nollywood actor Yemi Solade made a candid revelation during the premiere of Kunle Afolayan’s upcoming film, “Ijogbon.” Despite having a career spanning 46 years in acting, he disclosed that he is still facing difficulties in the industry.

Yemi Solade emphasized the importance of aspiring young actors honing their craft, as he believes that many of them are not ready to put in the hard work required. He expressed that some are drawn to acting solely for the glamour and financial rewards.

His remarks have drawn attention to the ongoing challenges within the Nigerian film industry, even for seasoned actors like himself.

Yemi Solade, during the event, emphasized the need for aspiring actors to understand the challenges of the industry and to be willing to pay their dues.

He stressed that young people shouldn’t expect instant stardom and success, but rather, they should be dedicated to their craft and ensure they do it right.

The actor’s remarks shed light on the difficulties faced by many actors, even those with decades of experience.

Yemi Solade’s statements at the premiere have sparked conversations about the struggles in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, Yemi Solade recently shared a post on his Instagram indicating that he was dealing with depression, raising awareness about the issue.

He also made a statement suggesting that affiliation with certain groups might be necessary to thrive in Nigeria, highlighting some of the systemic challenges faced by individuals in the country.

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