“As Old As You’re, Women don Dey shed skin like reptiles now”- VeryDarkMan reacts to video Madam Saje using brightening bath soap

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Prominent social media analyst, VeryDarkMan, has responded to the video in which veteran actress Fausat Balogun, also known as Madam Saje, endorses a brightening bath soap.

As a reminder, Madam Saje had previously shared a video in which she endorsed a brightening bath soap product.

In the promotional video, Madam Saje was seen presenting the soap and highlighting its potential to brighten the user’s skin.

In response to Madam Saje’s promotional video, VeryDarkMan expressed his concern that she may be promoting a beauty product that doesn’t meet the necessary standards. In his passionate post, VeryDarkMan claimed that Madam Saje had endorsed a brightening bath soap without an NAFDAC registration number after conducting an investigation.

His caption for the video was, “Women are now shedding skin like reptiles 😫😫 who is changing mommy’s skin.”

See his post below:

Earlier, Naijalegit reported that Madam Saje had faced a flurry of reactions on social media after promoting a brightening bath soap.

The advertisement, featuring the actress endorsing the product, quickly attracted attention and garnered responses from netizens.

In the promotional video, Madam Saje was seen presenting the soap while highlighting its potential to brighten the user’s skin.

However, this advertisement sparked various reactions from the online community, with many social media users poking fun at the actress for endorsing a skin-whitening product.

Most of the reactions made reference to the controversial online activist “Verydarkman,” who had previously criticized some celebrities for promoting bleaching creams that lacked NAFDAC registration.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

  • Mama, Verydarkman is coming for you 😂😂😂😂
  • Mama, you’re in trouble
  • People are already sending messages to Verydarkman…
  • We need a full explanation from @verydarkblackman
  • Please, @verydarkblackman, investigate this matter
  • Have you confirmed if NAFDAC has approved it, Mama?
  • Are you sure of what you’re advertising, Mummy?
  • Be very careful if it doesn’t have an NAFDAC number.

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