Netizens are left in awe after discovering the true meaning of Wizkid’s lyrics, wizkid Is The Last born Of 12 sisters “Finally a boy, She was very very happy.”

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Many internet users are now in a state of amazement after discovering the genuine meaning behind Wizkid’s lyrics, “Finally a boy, she was very very happy.”

These lyrics were delivered by Wizkid, a Grammy Award winner, in a song titled “Joy” from his 2014 album, “Ayo.” While “Joy” is a nostalgic song and the line “Finally a boy, she was very very happy” is well-known to music enthusiasts, the true significance behind it remained a mystery to many.

The lyrics “Finally a boy she was very very happy” are closely related to Wizkid’s parents. As previously reported by Intel Region, Wizkid tragically lost his biological mother, Mrs. Juliana M. Balogun, on August 18, 2023.

His father is still alive. Following the candlelight procession on October 11, 2023, the wake-keeping took place on Thursday, October 12, 2023, with the burial occurring on October 13, 2023.

In emotional video clips circulating on social media, Wizkid’s deep sorrow over the loss of his mother is evident.

After the news of Wizkid’s mother’s passing, internet users delved into the meaning of the lyrics “Finally a boy, she was very very happy.” A user on the platform X, previously known as Twitter, confirmed that Wizkid is the youngest of his 12 sisters, signifying that he is the only son of his father and mother among their 13 children.

Wizkid’s father, Alhaji Muniru Olatunji Balogun, also known as “Mogaji Adini,” has a total of thirteen children with three different women, who are his legally recognized wives, and they reside in Shitta, Surulere, Lagos.

The X user known as We$t shared this information, stating, “Wizkid is the youngest of 12 sisters, that’s really amazing, lol.”

Confirming the same information, another X influencer named Basito wrote, “Wizkid is indeed the youngest among 12 sisters, that’s quite remarkable, lol.”

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Here are some reactions from internet users upon discovering the true meaning of Wizkid’s lyrics:

  • @Jeremiahoriola: “Oh! That’s exactly the reason he came up with that line.”
  • @collinscollin77: “That song. One of my best Wizkid songs ever.”
  • @Tunmise01: “She prayed for this with the love of her life, eh… Joy, nothing but joy, every other day she feels nothing but joy ☺️.”
  • @Ashkaf46: “Wow, now I understand the lyrics 👏👏👏.”
  • @i_am_vickyd: “Now I understand what Wizkid meant in ‘Joy.'”
  • @k16_polar: “That line sounds a lot different now… I thought he meant ‘finally a boy’ like he had grown from a baby to a boy 🤧.”

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