“Yes I Can Ask Any Man Out By Myself”— Actress Olaniyan Tosin Says In New Interview And More Details About Herself (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

Yoruba actress Olaniyan Tosin recently shared a video in which she discussed her bold approach to men. In the video, Olaniyan expressed her ability to initiate conversations or express her interest in men she admires, regardless of her health condition.

She went on to mention that she’s even capable of approaching up to four men, emphasizing that her health does not limit her social interactions. She explained that if she were in good health, she would confidently engage in conversations with any man she chooses.

Olaniyan’s candid discussion about her confidence in approaching men has drawn attention and sparked discussions about self-assurance in relationships and interactions.

Olaniyan Tosin, a well-known actress in the Yoruba film industry, has a reputation for her confident demeanor and her frequent collaborations with renowned actors and actresses.

In response to the video she shared about her bold approach to men, netizens expressed their reactions with a mix of laughing and heart emojis. Some also praised her exceptional acting skills.

You can watch the video to see Olaniyan Tosin’s candid discussion and her unapologetic confidence in approaching men.

Here are some social media reactions to Olaniyan Tosin’s video:

  • Joybabie17: Aunty tosin😂… No be Ijalo’s voice I dey hear for background…. IJALO OOSHA🙌
  • Cuccettini: U go off cloth oh, See where ur mouth lead u too, the guy gats cuum 😂.
  • Afolabi_ybln: I knw say u go like big pr*k 😂😂 and na dguy style u go like pass 😂.
  • Oluwakiri_9ja: You’ve never been okay. Right from the day you enter the screen. Heal up ma’am 😂.
  • Defunkeh: get well soon mama ❤️. ire says hi.

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