“Since I L0st my mother, people refuse to help me”- Actress Aunty Ramota beg fans and Pastor Agabla Gabriel help to build a house (Watch video)

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Internet users are reacting to actress Ramota Adetu, also known as Aunty Ramota, who has reached out to her fans and Pastor Agbala Gabriel, a well-known prophet in Ibadan, seeking financial assistance to build a house.

The Yoruba actress shared that she possesses a piece of land left behind by her late mother but has struggled to find any support since her mother’s passing. She has made the decision to appeal to her fans for help.

After her initial video garnered attention online, the actress made a return to request assistance from Agbala Gabriel. Responding to this, internet users have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts on veteran actors seeking help from Pastor Agbala Gabriel. Here are some of the reactions:

  • One fan expressed their support for Aunty Ramota, saying, “I personally will support you, Aunty Ramota, because every time I watch your skits, you bring me joy.”
  • Another fan eagerly awaited Aunty Ramota’s appearance, mentioning her strong work ethic and love for her. They also expressed anticipation for Agbala Gabriel’s response.
  • Yet another fan congratulated Aunty Ramota and emphasized that when God remembers you, no one can stop it.
  • A light-hearted exchange was highlighted between Aunty Ramota and an interviewer, with playful banter about her financial status.
  • Some fans speculated that there might be external factors behind Aunty Ramota’s situation but noted her continued success with collaborations with top-class celebrities.
  • There was a call for Aunty Ramota to share her perspective on the situation via a live stream, ensuring transparency in the distribution of funds.

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