“She quick to post Ifeanyi’s death” Man calls out Eniola Badmus for not congratulating Davido and Chioma on the reported birth of their twins

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A Nigerian man has expressed his disappointment in Nollywood actress Eniola Badmus for not congratulating her former best friend and singer, Davido, on the reported birth of his twins.

Reports emerged on Tuesday about Davido and his wife, Chioma, welcoming twins, although the couple has yet to confirm the news. Davido added fuel to the rumors when he referred to his wife as ‘Mama Ibeji’ (mother of twins) in his song ‘In The Garden’ featuring Morravey, and he also tweeted that this week would be the best week of his life.

Davido’s brother, Adewale Adeleke, further fueled the speculation with a tweet thanking God.

In response to this, a netizen called out Eniola Badmus for her swift posting of Ifeanyi’s death news last year but not sharing anything about the twins. He criticized the actress for seemingly only being interested in sharing bad news.

The user wrote, “Aunty Eniola Badmus, you were fast to break the news of Ifeanyi’s death but you haven’t posted anything about the twins Chioma and Davido gave birth to! Na only RIP and happy birthday be love.”

It’s important to note that public figures often have varied responses to personal news, and it’s not always an indicator of their level of care or interest in an individual’s life.

In response to the debate surrounding Eniola Badmus not congratulating Davido and Chioma on the reported birth of their twins, various individuals expressed their opinions on social media.

While some defended Eniola Badmus, pointing out that she may have refrained from posting due to potential backlash, others criticized her for what they perceived as unfriendly behavior.

One Queen Sexxy defended Eniola, saying people would attack her if she posted about the twins and suggested leaving her alone.

Another user, Chizoba, condemned those who appeared envious and wicked in their comments.

Chizoba907 expressed a wish that people never have friends who announce their pains but hide during their celebrations.

One D Real Olamzy responded with the word “Ode,” which is a Yoruba term of insult.

Amaka Nwrunk labeled those commenting as “evil people,” and Onyin Jacobs called them “friend-enemies.”

The Etiwe Diamond Mua suggested that the backlash Eniola Badmus received when Ifeanyi passed away may have influenced her decision not to post.

Veekey Bassey pointed out that even Davido’s crew had not posted about the twins.

Adorable Bee mentioned that Eniola Badmus may no longer be close friends with Davido, suggesting she may not know what’s happening in their lives.

Recall that Eniola Badmus previously faced criticism for announcing Ifeanyi’s death in a cryptic message. This led to a fallout with Davido and his family, as they unfollowed her on Instagram. However, she surprised many by celebrating Chioma’s birthday in April.

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