“Since you left your family has been dragging your properties with your wife, Don’t Sleep”— Mohbad’s sister in law reveals

Written by fazazy39

In recent news, we mark the one-month anniversary of the passing of the talented musician Mohbad. On this solemn occasion, his sister-in-law took to Instagram to remember him and reflect on the month that has passed since his untimely departure. In an Instagram story, she shared her emotions and thoughts with the public.

In her message, she expressed the sad fact that, during the one month since Mohbad left this world, his son, Liam, has celebrated his sixth month of life. She extended her wishes for Mohbad’s soul to rest in peace and find solace with the Creator as they continue to grieve his loss.

However, what followed in her Instagram story was a surprising revelation. She disclosed that while Mohbad’s wife, Wunmi, is still deep in mourning and taking care of their son Liam, other members of the family have become embroiled in disputes over Mohbad’s properties. She expressed her concern that they would take to the internet to criticize Wunmi while feigning disinterest in the deceased artist’s assets.

The sister-in-law’s message concluded with a note of anticipation. She stated that Wunmi will eventually come forward when the time is right to share the untold stories and experiences that have been transpiring behind closed doors. She also appealed to the public to keep Wunmi in their thoughts and prayers during this challenging time.

It’s worth noting that the one-month anniversary of Mohbad’s passing has brought a strong emotional response from many individuals. They have used this occasion to express their grief and pay their respects to the late artist.

Furthermore, shortly after Mohbad’s passing, there were calls for a DNA test to confirm the paternity of his son, as doubts were raised about the child’s parentage. This call for a DNA test was encouraged by various individuals, including Mohbad’s father, the renowned investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo, and the TikTok influencer Very Dark Man.

However, Wunmi, Mohbad’s wife, took the initiative to conduct the DNA test, which ultimately confirmed that Mohbad is indeed the biological child of both Wunmi and Liam.

In the aftermath of this DNA test, there was a wave of criticism directed at those who had suggested the test during a period of mourning, as many deemed it insensitive and unwarranted. The public has since rallied around Wunmi, offering their support and understanding as she navigates this challenging chapter in her life.

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