“Both Of Us Will Not Sleeep ToDay Till Day Break” – Angrry Wife Soæks Matrimonial Bed With Water After Her Husband Refuses To Buy Her Wig Of Over 700k (Watch)

Written by fazazy39

A viral video has created a buzz on the internet as an irate wife openly displayed her intense dissatisfaction over her husband’s refusal to purchase a wig by drenching their matrimonial bed with water.

This widely circulated video, featuring the intense confrontation between the couple, has sparked a flurry of reactions across various social media platforms.

The incident played out within the confines of the couple’s bedroom, offering a dramatic and emotionally charged spectacle of frustration.

In an impromptu display of protest, the wife took a bold step by saturating their marital bed with water, boldly expressing her stance that if she couldn’t obtain the desired wig, then neither of them should experience comfort during their sleep.

Unexpectedly, their children entered the bedroom during this intense confrontation, witnessing their mother pouring a bucket of water onto the bed. They attempted to mediate and implored their mother to desist from her actions, but she remained steadfast in her protest and firmly ordered them out of the room.

The woman argued that her motivation for this act stemmed from her desire for a high-end wig. She pointed out that many of her friends possessed numerous extravagant wigs, and she believed her husband should also provide her with one.

Here are some reactions from netizens:

  • @wahala_gist19 humorously commented, “As I dey carry the bed comot to dry dey carry your load too your Papa house 😂😂😂.”
  • @vchrisgadgethub expressed dismay, saying, “Una dey marry people wey dey do competition God forbid 😢.”
  • @kizz_blogger_ playfully responded, “I go first beat her well after finishing beating her I go come send her go her papa house.”
  • @littletawa__________ questioned the situation, stating, “If they beat this 1 now ..they go say Kini.”
  • @manya_pb expressed astonishment, saying, “Haaa she even has kids….. what’s going on here?”

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