“Who Know Your Father” – Portable slams DJ Chicken as he shows off bundle of dollars, iPhone and investments (Video)

Written by fazazy39

Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable, and his colleague, DJ Chicken, have maintained a pattern of ongoing disputes, frequently descending into contentious exchanges.

In a circulating video, Portable and Chicken were involved in a heated confrontation, not shying away from involving their families in the dispute.

They both proceeded to boast about their wealth and possessions. In the video, Portable proudly displayed a stack of dollar bills, an iPhone, and a Samsung phone.

The singer continued to boast about his investments and dared the DJ to showcase his own assets.

You can view the video below for more details:

Fans and followers expressed their thoughts in the comment section, and here are some reactions:

@Pipsviking commented, “Seems like DJ Chicken has never used it for traveling before 😂.”

@iamMoskop added, “Portable has really dealt with DJ Chicken even before Christmas arrives 😂😳.”

@OwoyemiTobi mentioned, “At least, they are no longer where they used to be.”

@KstitchesGlobal playfully said, “Two troublemakers 😂.”

@AlavezLatvia humorously remarked, “Portable should show some respect and not compare himself with Chicken 😂😂😂.”

@John_essien92 questioned, “What has DJ Chicken achieved anyway? Let us hear word.”

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