Kemi Olunloyo faces criticism after sharing specifics of Davido and Chioma’s twins’ birth, stating they were delivered via Cesarean section.

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Investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo is facing backlash for delving into the personal lives of singer Davido and his wife, Chioma.

Following reports that the couple, who tragically lost their son last year, has welcomed twins, Kemi Olunloyo shared detailed information about the twins’ birth, including their birthplace and delivery method. Her actions have sparked criticism for intruding on the couple’s privacy.

To satisfy their curiosity, Kemi Olunloyo revealed specific details about the birth of Davido and Chioma’s twins. She disclosed that Chioma gave birth to a boy and a girl on Monday, 9th October 2023, at Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, US, via a cesarean operation (CS).

She emphasized that Chioma had endured 90 days of bed rest due to her emotional struggles, difficulties conceiving, dealing with mental health issues, and various challenges, and this successful fertility treatment led to the joyous arrival of the twins – a boy and a girl, making the Adeleke family whole once more.

The newborns, OBO Jr 2 and Chioma Jr, weighed approximately 5 pounds each, and they are in excellent health. Chioma’s situation led to a 90-day period of bed rest, and the twins were delivered via cesarean section at 38 weeks. Davido hadn’t intended to make an official announcement yet, but Kemi Olunloyo’s revelation has made it official.

Kemi Olunloyo emphasized her role in delivering comprehensive Gossip/Celebrity News and stated that she’s the authority on Davido’s updates. She concluded by congratulating the couple on the birth of their twins and invited people to register for her media school.

Commenters criticized Kemi Olunloyo for invading the couple’s privacy and sharing intimate details of their lives.

One commenter, Odee Papii, expressed concerns that Kemi might face legal consequences for her actions.

Marelo Hairs emphasized the importance of respecting people’s privacy and requested Kemi to be more considerate.

Sasha Itota questioned Kemi’s credibility and criticized her for her statements about fertility treatment and the timing of Chioma’s pregnancy.

Chux cast doubts on the information provided by Kemi and suggested that not even Davido may know the specific details she shared.

Sonita The Virtuous Girl referred to Kemi as a busybody and questioned why she felt the need to disclose such private information.

It’s worth noting that Pastor Gospel Agochukwu of Shekinah Arena International Ministries confirmed the birth of Davido and Chioma’s twins.

He took to his Facebook page to offer congratulations to the couple on their new arrivals. Pastor Agochukwu also shared a WhatsApp message indicating that his previous prophecy from last year had come to fruition.

The message mentioned the birth of twins, a boy and a girl, at 9 p.m., although it didn’t specify the exact date. This development would bring hope and happiness to the couple following the tragic loss of their first child, a baby boy, at the age of 3.

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