Popular actor Aremu Afolayan celebrates his daughter on her birthday.

Written by fazazy39

Nigerian actor and filmmaker Aremu Afolayan recently marked a special occasion – his daughter’s birthday. He chose to celebrate this momentous day by sharing heartfelt sentiments and cherished photos on his official Instagram page.

In the photos he posted, his daughter and wife were featured prominently, reflecting the love and joy shared within their family. Aremu Afolayan’s message to his daughter was filled with affection and warmth, as he referred to her as his “beautiful treasure.”

The phrase “okomi atata” in his message is an endearing term in Yoruba culture, expressing deep love and affection for the child. It’s a touching way for a parent to express their feelings towards their beloved child.

Overall, Aremu Afolayan’s birthday tribute to his daughter radiated love, warmth, and the joy of celebrating this special milestone in her life. It’s a testament to the strong bond and love that exists within their family.

Earlier, Naijalegit reported that Aremu Afolayan celebrated veteran singer Tony Tetulia as he marked a new milestone in his life. In his heartwarming post, Tony Tetulia conveyed his emotions with simple yet powerful words, expressing, “Happy Baiday omo Maami LLnp @tonytetuilaofficial.”

Tony Tetulia responded to Aremu’s heartfelt birthday message by expressing his gratitude, saying, “Thank you, my brother,” in the comment section. This exchange reflects the camaraderie and appreciation shared between these two individuals in the entertainment industry.

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